The Worship Room Event Log

Words and Prophecies

Below is a catalogue of the words, prayers and prophesies gathered from each Worship Room event.
These are gathered from written, spoken and online contributions, following each event.

Willowbed Hall
– 25 March 2024 –

Father God,   Strengthen all communities,  Send your Holy Spirit to dwell in those places where people meet together.  Gyms, Pubs,
The Golf Course, Working Men’s Clubs, Libraries.   Change the atmosphere.

Lord I pray for safety in the town centre particularly for the vulnerable.  
Keep them safe.  Protect the young and weak.
“They will no longer be prey for other nations and wild animals will no longer devour them.  
They will live in safety, and no one will frighten them.”   Ezekiel  34  v 28

Father God,   Thank you for changing my life so radically and unexpectedly.  I thank you for bringing me to Portland and to Prayerhouse. 
Lord I thank you for your guidance, blessing and loving embrace and I thank you for the new, for making me feel at home, new friends
– a new environment, but most of all a feeling of utter peace and safety.

I ask you this evening to speak into my life.  The “what next” the “not my plans, but yours” the lessons learned from prolonged trauma.

I thank you for the peace on the island and on the beach but tonight I’m mostly asking “What is next”?

Please Lord, just speak clearly – “not my will be done but Yours”

I pray that Portland people – especially those born and bred there, or who have been living there a long time – will cast off a feeling of inferiority because they’ve felt looked down on by Weymouth – because God sees them (us) as very precious and valuable to Him.

Lift up their heads to walk tall in Jesus.

Dear Lord please help save Westhavens’ sad, scared of their own shadow, and find their voice. 
Please help to fill their lungs with the Holy Spirit and keep me sharing with them that it’s not a matter of age difference between us. 

Thanks I’m grateful with all the believers I have now met.   Lord please work through me as it’s helping me and I hope it is them. 

in the prophecy from Jean Darnell in 1982 about this area.   It’s TIME.   We so want you to set us on fire.  
Each one build a fire in our area in our churches where we serve Jesus, our Lord and Saviour.

Wake up our prodigals Lord!!!  Speak to them during the night as you spoke to Ryan. 
Impact their lives, so that they can see you face to face and just to be able to once again love you, worship you, give their gifts that you have given them to WORSHIP you and lead their friends and their families to you.   Lord impact their lives.

WAKE UP  !  !

Lord break off disappointment from their lives so that they can worship. !

In the 90’s Randy Clarke came to Weymouth.  He was driving along the seafront and he saw in the spirit all the people wearing dark glasses.  
Angels came into the town from the sea and were ripping off the glasses bringing light
From darkness to light we pray for Weymouth.

Picture: of a burning arrow.  Reminded of Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves.  Arrow left the bow.  Truth heading direct to the target.

Power of the spoken word/worship heading direct to heaven.   Singing out over our community heading direct to target.

Then the words of the song “Everything I do, I do it for you” – like a love song – Jesus speaking back over us.